Chlorophyll Benefits: Nature’s Body Odor and Bad Breath Remedy

Chlorophyll Benefits: Nature’s Body Odor & Bad Breath Remedy

As most of us have learned in Science 101, chlorophyll is the pigment found in all green plants and is what facilitates the process of converting sunlight into energy. What is less common knowledge is that chlorophyll has many other benefits to us as humans, one of them being as a natural deodorant.

It’s first use for this purpose started in the 1950’s when it was used to control odor from open wounds. Because of its deodorizing property, it was eventually given orally to colostomy patients to control fecal odor.

In 1957, doctor by the name of Franklin Howard Wescott was looking for a cure to anemia and started giving his patients chlorophyll. He noticed that after taking the chlorophyll, the urine smell of the patients was greatly decreased. This led him to believe that chlorophyll taken internally could reduce breath and body odor.

Using test subjects and an osmoscope, he was able to conclude that body odor was reduced by half or completely, up to 18 hours after bathing. An additional test was conducted using onion juice with similar results for breath odor.

Dr. Wescott’s final conclusions were that between 15-200mg of chlorophyll taken internally was sufficient enough of a quantity to reduce or eliminate breath and body odor for a period of up to 36 hours without any impairments in body function.

He would eventually go on to patent several chlorophyll and chlorophyll derivatives for odor control purposes. One of them being sodium copper chlorophyllin.


Chlorophyll vs. Chlorophyllin: What’s the Difference?

This is an important distinction that should be addressed. There are chlorophyll based products and there are chlorophyllin based products. Both are marketed as deodorants, but often times people are confused as to what is the difference.

To put things simply, chlorophyllin is a specialized derivative of natural chlorophyll. In essence they are one in the same, but with one very important difference. Chlorophyllin is water soluble. This allows for it to be much more easily absorbed into the body and thus allows for a much more effective result on malodor.


Odors From Within

Malodor, namely bad breath, body odor and foot odor have numerous causes. Certainly poor hygiene will result in a less than desirable smell. However, there are many other causes that are not as well known.

People often associate malodor with a lack of cleanliness, and that isn’t always the case. Diet, illness, stress, hormonal changes and certain types of medication can all affect the way a person smells. In many cases, people with impeccable hygiene still have issues with odor.

These odors originate within the body and are emitted through the skin, mouth and other orifices.

Chlorophyll, or more importantly chlorophyllin works to reduce these odors by absorbing the odor causing compounds and naturally removing them through bowel movements. Because this occurs within the body, the odors are neutralized before they can be secreted.

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Healthy and Effective

Chlorophyll is created naturally by all green plants and the process of taking it from that state into the commercial market is very minimal. Unlike many conventional deodorants and odor products, most chlorophyll and chlorophyllin products do not have additional synthetic chemicals added to it.

Typically, most conventional deodorant and odor products have chemicals added to them for antibacterial effects, viscosity, preservation, and scent. In most antiperspirants, synthetic aluminum compounds are added to prevent sweat from being excreted onto the skin.

In addition, conventional deodorants and odor products tend to be area specific; underarms, or breath or feet. In contrast, chlorophyll and chlorophyllin products tend to work on multiple sources of malodor. Because certain odors originate from within the body, they are not necessarily area specific. Similar to a balloon with many holes, odors are emitted through multiple openings. For these reasons, a major chlorophyll benefit is its diversity and multiple use feature.



Sources that cite chlorophyll and chlorophyllin as an ineffective odor solution often reference studies that indicate the amount of chlorophyll in products are insufficient to provide any form of deodorizing effect. The products that are being referenced are typically gums, cough drops and the like.

The fact of the matter is, chlorophyll and chlorophyllin are both understood to be a powerful deodorant agent in the recommended quantity. According to various studies, 75mg to 200mg of chlorophyllin were sufficient enough to result in reduction of malodor. It is difficult to get that quantity in a piece of gum, but quite common in the dietary supplements of today.

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